Beginners A

1: Kicking a dead ball

2: Stopping an approaching ball

3: Running with ball


Beginners B

1: Using inner foot to kick ball

2: Dribbling and feinting

3: Running and shooting towards target with ball


Beginners C

1: Learning how to pass the ball

2: Learning how to open for a pass

3: Beating an opponent

4: Escaping an opponent


Intermediate Level

1: Introduction to positions of play

2: Introduction to team play

3: Introduction to use of different parts of the foot with ball

4: Introduction to aerial ball controls

5: Introduction to use of space

6: Shielding


Higher Intermediate

1: Specialized tactical and technical drills

2: Specialized team and individual tactics

3: Aerial skills development and ball controls

4: Use of weaker foot

5: Motor skill development

6: Specialty training and set pieces

7: Shielding


Super Intermediate

1: Highly specialized soccer development drills


Goalkeeper  Curriculum

1: Handling of ball

2: Diving

3: Feet skills

4: Crossing (in- swing, out-swing)

5: Throwing-accuracy

6: Special tactics

7: Decision making

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